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La Crosse Police Department's Bike Rodeo teaches bike safety for kids

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Riding bicycles can be dangerous if not properly prepared, which is why the La Crosse Police Department (LCPD) held their Bike Rodeo at Northside Elementary on July 17.

Members of the LCPD help kids register their bikes and organize a bike safety obstacle course, teaching kids about the value of bike registration, rider awareness, and the importance of wearing helmets.

Officers also demonstrate how registering a bike can help it be returned if stolen.

"We average picking up at least two bikes a day where somebody will call and say, 'There's this bike laying in my yard, can you come get it.' If the bike is registered we can look at the sticker and say, 'Okay we'll call them up and get them their bike back.' Unfortunately, a lot of bikes still are not registered, we have no idea who's they are or how to get it back to them, so they just end up going into our bike barn and if nobody claims it they get sold." Officer Kurt Weaver of the LCPD.

Weaver also disclosed the reason for educating youth regarding bike safety.

"We want students especially to be safe and we see a lot of, officers on patrol see a lot of, especially students maybe not quite understanding the rules of the road, or how to stay safe on their bicycles. So we want to just give them some basic skills to help keep our children safe."

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