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Vandals use pink spray paint on Northside vehicles

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James Rygiel James Rygiel
Sgt. Tom Walsh Sgt. Tom Walsh

The La Crosse Police Department has received reports of at least six vehicles being vandalized with spray paint on Caledonia and George Streets.

James Rygiel, who lives on George Street says his security camera captured the vandals in action.

"Two of them coming up to the truck itself and then my lights turned on, the motion lights did. You could just see them painting on the truck and then you could see him stabbing the tire. He pulled a big knife out of his waistband and you could just see him stick the tire and then they took off after that," said Rygiel.

He added this isn't the first time this has occurred. In fact, his wife's truck was hit two weeks ago and Rygiel said this is the fourth time in the last two years that his vehicle has been vandalized.

Sergeant Tom Walsh with the La Crosse Police Department said motion lights can help scare off potential vandals, but it's important the community works with them to help get to the bottom of this.

"The individuals coming out between ten o'clock at night and maybe one, two in the morning and is spray painting pink glitter spray paint on the sides of vehicles," said Walsh, "The community is our eyes and ears and we really do need their help." 

Some vehicles had scribbles or smiley faces on windows and siding. Others like Rygiel's had the words 'Klown Gang' painted on them and the tires slashed.

"It's costing a lot of money. I mean mine's over seventeen hundred dollars worth of damage. And another set of tires and that's another eight hundred dollars. This is my third set in the last two years because of all this," added Rygiel.

The police are urging anyone who sees anything suspicious or who may have more information regarding the incidents to call at (608) 785-5962.

MORE INFORMATION: La Crosse Police Department

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