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Possible gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe stops in La Crosse

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2018 gubernatorial candidate Mike McCabe stopped in La Crosse Tuesday evening, meeting with constituents and outlining his plan for a successful campaign.

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Governor Scott Walker has yet to announce he's seeking a third term, but is expected to do so after the state budget is finalized sometime this summer.

Several other Democrats hinting at a run include Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, Eau Claire state rep. Dana Wachs, Milwaukee attorney Matt Flynn and Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Superintendent Tony Evers.

McCabe said healthcare, a livable wage and high speed broadband are some of the issues he's focusing on.

"We have taken an approach in Wisconsin for four decades now where we are seeking to enrich and empower a few thousand people in hopes that what they get will trickle down to the rest of the population," McCabe said. "I think we need to do a complete about-face and instead of seeking to empower a few thousand and hoping they work magic for the rest of the population, we need to work on empowering five million people in this state." 

On Tuesday night, McCabe visited with constituents, listening to what they would like to see change in state government.

"I don't affiliate myself with either of the parties in our two-party system," he said. "However, history will tell us if you run as a third-party candidate people tend to write you off as a wasted vote. So I will be looking to pursue a campaign in the Democratic primary."

The State Republican Party issued a statement calling McCabe a "phony."

"While Governor Walker has reformed our state, Mike McCabe would do nothing but mislead Wisconsinites and take our state backwards," the party said.

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