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Brickl Brothers donates time and work for Habitat Home

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Rockland, WI (WXOW) -

Habitat La Crosse is getting underway building their 46th home in Rockland, Wisconsin. Normally, those homes are done entirely with volunteers and the partner families, but this time a well known construction business is donating their time on the home as well.

"We got Brickl Brothers on hand here to give us a little boost in building, because we're actually building another project in La Crosse for another family," said Habitat Construction Manager Roger Embke.

Habitat La Crosse's 46th home is a 5 bedroom/2 bath going to a family of nine.

"The place they've been at hasn't had much yard space, so it's going to allow the family to kind of branch out and enjoy things better," Embke said.

Brickl Brothers will donate their time to put frame work together for the walls and roof as well as work on enclosing the building.

With help from professionals they say, the process for this home could go faster than normal.

"I would think any time you're going into a home of your own and you have an opportunity to move in, the faster the better," said Eric Bauer, Human Resource and Safety Manager for Brickl Brothers. "With dedicated employees that do it for a living, professionals... we can do it twice as fast as what you would expect a volunteer crew to do it, so it does speed up the process considerably."

It's one thing to make a living with your job, quite another to use that job to help those in need.

"To be able to volunteer your experience, your expertise, to a family that's needing is just huge," said Bauer. "It's more than any paycheck could ever possibly reward you."

Once the home is enclosed, volunteers and the partner family take up the work from there. Families must complete at least 350 hours of what habitat calls "sweat equity" in order to qualify for a habitat home. When the home is complete, the family will purchase the home from Habitat La Crosse through a 0%, 30-year loan.

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