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Holmen School District takes stance on referendum bills

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Holmen, WI (WXOW) -

The Holmen School District is openly opposing new state bills that would further restrict referendums.

The bills would limit how often schools could go to referendum and cancel recurring referendums already passed by the district. Kristin Mueller, District Administrator for the Holmen School District, said the recurring referendums help maintain and operate buildings.

"In 1993-94, the state imposed a revenue cap limit," Mueller said. "So, we're only able to have a certain amount of dollars that we can spend that we can collect through the state aid and the property taxes. For many of the districts and including ours, we depend on referendums to provide what we need to for the students in our districts."

If the bills pass, it would mean more cuts for staff and students.

"We're a growing district, and we're growing at a slow and steady pace," Mueller said. "It's very important when you have that revenue limit of spending that you're able to go to referendum, so you can provide what you need to for the community and their children."

Mueller hopes lawmakers allow school districts to keep local control. The Holmen School Board believes that an investment in the schools is an investment in the future of the Coulee Region, the state, and the nation.

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