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Deluge In The Dark: 2007 Mudslide destroys Brownsville home

Brownsville, MN (WXOW) - -

From 2007:

Just outside of Brownsville Minnesota on Highway 61 heavy rain caused landslides, pushing some houses off of their foundations, and down the embankment.

One family walked out of their home.. with nothing but each other.

"That is just unbelievable." All that's left of Scott Woodard's two story home are pieces of siding, broken windows, and Scott's wallet.

Early Sunday morning, a mud slide came down the embankment behind his house, crashed into Scott's home, pushing it off it's foundation and down the hill.

Scott, his girlfriend, and their three young grand children were inside the house. The mudslide came so quickly.. they had no time to get out.

When the house went down Scott went with it, but he was somehow able to climb out, get back up the hill, and rescue his grandchildren.

Scott and his family made their way to a neighbors, where they rode out the rest of the storm.

The kids were OK.

Scott suffered a deep to his head. At the time he no idea how bad his injury really was. He'd cut his head and the only thing that kept him from bleeding to death was that it was packed with mud.

Hours later, both families made it down the hill to a shelter.

Scott was transported to the hospital. His family says he's going to be fine.

His home on the other hand is gone.

Still, Scott's friends and neighbors are thankful that they have each other.

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