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Seniors ready to lead Bangor on another state title run

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Bangor, WI (WXOW) -

Bangor is coming off another outstanding season after going 6-0 in the Scenic Bluffs and making it to the fourth round of playoffs and expectations are high for the Cardinals this year.

Success starts with Bangor's veteran leadership.

The Cardinals are led by 13 seniors and the majority of them are returning starters.

Head coach Rick Muellenberg  calls them a quiet group but one that leads by example.

Bangor will take on the Dairyland Conference defending champion Melrose-Mindoro, which has this team energized already.

 "We know we have to be ready to go and that really motivates our guys to play and practice hard. Our energy has been really good. They know if we don't play well we aren't going to do well out there so I like having a tough game right away," said Muellenberg.
"We are all just we are not prepared yet but we kind of are. We are ready to just get out there and kind of show everybody what we have coming back," said defensive end/tight end Adam Tallman.

 "I am really excited. Last year was a good game, and it should be a good game this year. Its going to be a good season. We have a lot of teams in our conference and it's going to be a battle," said Caleb Miedema, a senior defensive back/tight end.

Bangor has lost just twice over the last three seasons.

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