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Police cracking down on Losey speeding

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Police in La Crosse are putting a focus on Losey Boulevard, trying to catch unsafe drivers. They began that focus Wednesday.

Just a short time ago, changes were made on Losey Boulevard aimed at slowing down traffic through the residential area. Those changes included altering the traffic lights at night from flashing yellow to flashing red and lowering the speed limit from 30 to 25 miles per hour. 

However, residents there say they have not noticed a marked difference and expressed those concerns to police.

"I'm afraid to let my kids ride their bikes here in the front," said Losey resident Ashley Seegmiller. "We see the traffic on Losey quite often and we'll see people even on their cellphones texting and driving fast, just whipping right past our house, not even paying attention."

In response to those concerns, police have started cracking down on speeders. In one day, they had already made traffic stops in the double digits.

"We made 12 stops, issued 11 citations and of those citations all of them were for for violations in excess of 40 miles an hour," said Sgt. Tom Walsh.

Even without the change in speed limit, police said speeds they were seeing are unsafe.

"Even if the speed limit was at 30 miles an hour, we're talking 12, 13, 14 miles an hour over the speed limit," Sgt. Walsh said. "That's excessive and we need people to be cognizant of it, that this is a neighborhood and that we're asking people to voluntarily comply."

Residents say police presence may help, but it's a plea to drivers they want to get out.

"There's schools, there's churches, there's the fire station, places of business, even people's driveways are right here on the road and when you have people speeding and going fast, it's harder to make these turns safely," Seegmiller said.

In the past, residents have also brought up concerns with rumbling due to speeding semis and other large trucks, but according to Sgt. Walsh every big rig clocked by radar Wednesday was under the speed limit.

For now, whether you want to be conscious of the neighborhood, or to avoid a ticket, you may want to take it easy on Losey.

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