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Copy-Nazi flag outside Mosinee home stirs up hate debate


In the wake of the deadly protests in Charlottesville, Va., residents in Mosinee are voicing their concerns about a Nazi flag seen hanging outside a home. 

The home is less than a mile from downtown Mosinee, close to schools, with children in the neighborhood.

"Surprised to see that it was flying because it's something unusual to see in a town like Mosinee," said Mike Thurs, a resident of Mosinee for five years. "Everyone's entitled to their own opinion and if that's what his is, then he has every right to feel that way."  

Other residents like World War II veteran Charlie Valiska said that it's disrespectful to the soldiers who lost their lives fighting the Nazis in Europe. 

"To dishonor the American flag by putting up a Nazi flag is just absolutely insane. I don't know what the hell's the matter with these people [sic]," he said. "[I'm] floored that anybody living in the United States would put up a Nazi flag." 

Mosinee Police said they received one complaint about the flag on Aug. 4, but did not make contact with the homeowner because it is not illegal. 

Newsline 9 spoke with a woman at the home Monday who did not want to go on camera. She said that they hung the flag because they're "proud of who they are." The woman went on to say that if "[homosexuals] can fly their flag, so can they." 

The woman said they've received online threats because of the flag, but Mosinee Police said they have not received any reports related to the threats. 

Residents in Mosinee said the flag has not been flown since the incident in Virginia.

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