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Deluge in the Dark: Rebuilding Como Falls Park

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Hokah, MN (WXOW) -

The flood waters of August 2007 caused Como Falls in Hokah, Minnesota to seep into the city.  The waterfall there makes for a quiet serene and scenic view. However, when the rain fell the water from Thompson Creek overflowed and came flowing into town.

The city of Hokah sustained more than fifteen inches of rain in a 24 hour period. Restoration took months and the reason it looks so good today is because of community volunteers.

"The FEMA people were just amazed at the fact that they would come in and they say well you're eligible for this much, well I don't need that much I'll take this why don't you give that to somebody else. Well this money is for you and they couldn't believe people wouldn't accept it and by the time they got here this town was already moving," said former Hokah Mayor Jerry Martell. 

Mayor Martell said the city of Hokah is set up for the Root River to flood but when the water from Thompson Creek rose, they weren't prepared. The dam that created Lake Como failed during a flood in 1909 and allowed the lake to drain but was rebuilt in 1922.

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