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UW La Crosse Coaches Mike Schmidt and Matt Janus' Relationship Goes Farther Than the Sideline

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Coach Matt Janus started his first season as Defensive Coordinator for the Eagles. However, Coach Matt Janus and Head Coach Mike Schmidt have been down this road before. 

Janus and Schmidt coached defense for UW Platteville. 

"We were really good friends," Schmidt said. "We instantly became friends. He is one of the better defensive line coaches I have ever been around." 

When the position opened up at La Crosse, Schmidt didn't give it a second thought. However, Janus decided to stay at UW Platteville for one more season as the Defensive Coordinator. When this season came around, Schmidt continued to pursue Janus for this position. 

"We couldn't get him here," Schmidt said. "I knew we were going to make another run at it and try to get him here at some point. He was reluctant, and he waited out until the very end. Fortuantley for us, we were able to make it happen." 

"Seeing what Mike was doing last year, and the energy, the passion that was around this program all that buzz, all that excitement made me really want to be a part of something like that," Janus said. 

Janus had the task of taking over a very successful and experienced defensive program. 

 "Coach Janus is a really smart man, and he knows the defensive scheme so well and his x's and o's," Senior Defensive Lineman Jacob Wudtke said. " When he gets into film, he knows exactly what to do. He knows the other team. He scouts them really well. Just having him and how smart he is and having the football mind set like he does, it is just an awesome tool to have to help us win a national championship." 

The close relationship between the two coaches has only benefitted this team.

 "It's like they are best friends out here. It's awesome to see them gel the way that they do," Wudtke said." They are on the same page 100 percent or most of the time. It's awesome to see because when you have coaches that are so close like that it's easy to play for them because you know they got your back as much as we got there's. 

These two coaches will be in action together on the sideline for the first time with the Eagles this Saturday in the season opener against Luther. 

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