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Back to school healthy snacks

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It's time to send your kids back to school and that means many parents will be in the kitchen prepping snacks and lunches. To help us take the stress out of meal prep, Rebecca Stetzer, a Registered Dietitian at Gundersen Health System shared her healthy snacks for kids.

Veggie Wraps:


Whole wheat tortillas

Garden veggie cream cheese

Fresh veggies (spinach, carrots-grated or sticks, sliced bell peppers, cucumber sticks)

Have cut up veggies ready. Tortilla on a plate, spread with cream cheese, place veggies on top of cream cheese. Roll up and slice in half if desired. I'll assemble it on camera and then have a pre-prepared PB&J version to show as an alternative.

"peanut butter and jelly version" using peanut butter and berries.


1. Some kids don't eat vegetables very well because they don't care for the taste. Veggies can be more palatable when paired with something else, such as dips/dressings, or incorporated into a dish. Wraps are a great way to make veggies tastier!

2. The whole wheat tortillas and veggies/fruit provide fiber to keep you full until the next meal.

Bugs on a Log:


Celery sticks

Peanut butter

Fruit (raisins, other dried fruit, or berries or grapes)

I'll have celery sticks and demonstrate spreading peanut butter on them and placing fruit on top. I'll have a pre-done veggie version to show.

Veggie version: celery sticks, cream cheese or cottage cheese, chopped veggies of choice (cucumber, peppers, tomatoes)


1. Making veggies and fruits fun can gets kids more excited about trying them. Especially making them look like non-food objects like animals, bugs, or fun shapes.

2. This is a snack kids of almost any age can make by themselves, if the celery and toppings are pre-cut. Giving kids a sense of ownership and pride in their ability to make their own snack can also make them more likely to try it!

Fruit with Dip:


Cut up fruit of choice

1 (5.3 oz) container of plain yogurt

1 Tbsp. peanut butter

1 tsp. honey

I'll have the yogurt ingredients premeasured and will demonstrate whisking them together in a bowl. I'll have a plate of cut up fruit ready with space to add the bowl of dip when done mixing.

Pre-done veggie version to show using container of plain yogurt, and ranch dressing seasoning, along with a small plate of raw veggies.


1. What kid doesn't like dipping their food?! My kids will come up with a way to dip just about anything, even if it's not meant to be dipped. Find ways to work that to your advantage of increasing their fruit and veggie intake. As a kid I even enjoyed dipping my sandwiches in applesauce!

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