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Woman sentenced in foster child abuse case


MADISON (WKOW) -- A Madison woman who admitted slamming a foster child's head against a bathroom floor nearly a half dozen times before the 3-year old boy became unresponsive was sentenced to twelve months in jail Tuesday as part of an eight year probation sentence.

Erica Dorsch, 31, pleaded guilty in July, 2017.

Dorsch was disciplining the boy and she told investigators she hit him in the head with a paperback book, according to the criminal complaint. Dorsch then "...slammed him into the floor...maybe five times, but not as many as ten times,” according to a criminal complaint.

"I don't know what snapped in me,"  Dorsch told investigators.  Court records indicate Dorsch was disciplining the child over lying about washing his face.

Court records say the child had been placed in Dorsch's care by the Dane County Department of Human Services.

An attorney representing the three year old child victim testified Tuesday the boy considered Dorsch a mother figure.  She says the boy has received extensive therapy in the wake of the abuse, and continues to experience night terrors.

Dorsch has no other criminal record. 

Dorsch's attorney says previously undiagnosed mental health conditions contributed to Dorsch's actions.

"I know there is always more work to be done,"  Dorsch told the judge.  "But I feel like a different person than I was then. Different than the person I have been my entire life. So many things have chnaged about the way I think, the way I feel, how I understand myself."

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