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Event center, hotel coming to La Crescent

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La Crescent, MN (WXOW) -

The landscape of downtown La Crescent will undergo a major face-lift in coming years, as plans for a hotel and event center get underway.

The project, nearly five years in the making, will transform the gateway to the city for people traveling into La Crescent on Highway 14/61 from interstate I-90

The project follows the announcement of the American Legion being sold to a non-profit and hotel investor group, as it plans to close its doors in January to get ready for the new construction. The Legion will have space in the new facility once it opens.

The national chain hotel will be home to 55 rooms, an indoor pool and conference center. It's slated to cost around $6 million but will be financed by a group of La Crescent building investors.

"I think the event center will be more successful with the hotel next door, just as I believe the hotel will benefit from being next to the event center," Dick Wieser, of the Event Center Board of Directors, said. "It is going to change the whole atmosphere of the city of La Crescent and I think neighboring people coming in from the north will be impressed."

The $3.5 million event center will be funded by donations, with one million dollars already committed. The leftover $2.5 million will be collected through donations and pledges.

"Right now if there is a wedding or graduation or convention or anything like that, people have to go to La Crosse or Onalaska to stay because we don't have a place," resident Erma Hafner, said. "Now we will, which means it opens up all kinds of doors to the community."

Construction is slated to begin in April of 2018, with the project completed in April of 2019.

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