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Wisconsin's Untold History Through Art

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Viterbo University will have the opportunity to host an art exhibit by Terese Agnew.

Viterbo art students, teachers, and international artists helped Terese Agnew set up a monumental art exhibit titled "Writing In Stone". The exhibit is unique because it details untold and overlooked stories of Wisconsin history that helped shape a nation. Terese, the artist with the vision said, "There's almost 50 different stories to walk through and it will make you so proud to be from Wisconsin, seriously. We started the whole conservation movement. You know, Leopold, the 7th Generation Amendment. It all started here."

Also included is a commemoration for the first African American voter in the United States who was from Wisconsin. The artistic details are something you have to see up close. The styro foam material is made to look like soot aged headstones similar to a grave yard. Not to mention they are easier to set up than actual stone.

Elliot Medow, a scenic artist helping out says, "It's foam for the lightness factor, so when they move they're not so much of a problem. As long as the stone coat, that's put on it, which is sort of gritty hard coating and that gives it an abrasive texture." He has experience from working on western sets for movies in California and has been a great asset.

The Nebraska-Kansas Act was also an influence for Terese because it brought about unity on the subject of slavery. Terese says, "...and this absolutely incense the people of Wisconsin because we had some fierce abolitionist here who were completely against slavery and they were the ones who formed the Republican party in Ripon, Wisconsin, basically in opposition of slavery."

Unity, hope, and perseverance is the overall message of Agnew's exhibit because she said the world needs this message now, more than ever.

The Public Broadcasting System has featured Agnew's other artwork in the "PBS Craft In America Series" and she also received the Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Award in  2012.

The exhibit will be on display at the Viterbo University Fine Arts Center courtyard from September 11th-13th from 8am to 8pm.

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