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Wildfire smoke causes hazy sunrise and sunsets

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

As the East Coast battles hurricane season, the West is continually plagued by wild fires. Snow and rainfall was at an all time high this year for that region of the country. Still, fire is causing significant damage across six states. 

The smoke from these fires is causing major health concerns for the west, but its affects are also reaching to the Midwest. Smoke particles created from wildfires in the Pacific Northwest are following weather patterns all the way into our area, something the National Weather Service can see and track. They say it's not dangerous to be outside, but under the right weather circumstances the air quality could suffer. 

"It can be harmless but if the particulates accumulate enough, especially along and right behind cold fronts or under high pressure, those particulates could build up to cause some air quality problems," said Dave Schmidt of the National Weather Service.

Until that area has season ending snowfalls, we'll be seeing hazy sunrises and sunsets. 

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