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Staying fit while pregnant

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Working out while pregnant can have many benefits for both mom and baby. Staying fit while pregnant is a priority for Christina Bertelsen. As a full time working mom of soon to be three kids, she keeps her focus on fitness and goes to Burn Boot Camp in La Crosse six days a week.

Before getting pregnant she'd run 25 miles a week and do boot camp, now she's toned it back a bit.  Christina said getting a workout in doesn't just benefit her health, she thinks she's a better mom because of it.

Burn Boot Camp Head Trainer Jeff Winkers tailors the workouts to how far along Christina is in her pregnancy. "Anything new is probably not the best to start while you're pregnant," said Winkers.

Winkers suggests if you've worked out before baby, keep at it and in your first trimester you can still do most everything. "The biggest thing is just listening to your body, monitoring how warm you feel," he added. 

When you're in your 2nd trimester do less high impact moves and not as much jumping. "Avoid being supine on your back because that can compress some of the blood vessels as your uterus expands we don't want to limit blood flow to the baby."

When baby is near and you're in the 3rd trimester eliminate crunches and intense ab exercises. Instead cater the moves to help you give birth. "We start focusing on pelvic floor exercises when labor comes you're able to be a little bit stronger those muscles are able to push a bit better."

The American Pregnancy Association said pregnancy is not the time to exercise for weight loss however, proper exercise during pregnancy will likely help with weight loss after the baby is born.

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