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Aquinas Volleyball Looks To Continue Successful Season

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After reaching the semifinals in the state tournament, Aquinas was in need of a new coach, and this former pair was ready for the job. 

"Having been here before and coach the kids and the caliber of athlete and the caliber of student and just the community that aquinas has to offer, we just felt like it was a good fit for us," Head Coach Nellie George said. 

"They called us and they said are we win and I said absolutely. We love Aquinas, we love the people here. There is still a lot of families from when we coached here before so it's exciting to be back," Assistant Coach Jessica Mascotti said. 

Nellie George was only taking the job under one condition.  

"Jess is one of my best friends, and one of the things that had to happen when we decided a school to go to was that she absolutely had to come with me," George said. "I think to run a program successfully, it takes two people that are very knowledgeable and can make some positive changes." 

Aquinas is full of positives as they are currently undefeated in conference 

"Obviously it's nice to come in when girls have had success, and they have a different mindset than kids who have struggled to have success in the past so walking into kids who expect to win is very nice," Mascotti said. 

With only three returning starters the younger players were under high expectations. 

"I am really proud of them," Senior Kyah Steiner said. "I mean they didn't really get their opportunities on the court in the past couple of years, but they have played in practices, and I knew they would be ready to take their position when their time came." 

That time is now with only six remaining games in the regular season. 

"We had a lot of five set matches in the first round of conference, and I think our goal going forward in the second half is to take care of business and just make sure things are handled the way we need to handle them," George said. 

"We just have to keep playing hard," Steiner said. "None of the games are going to be given to us. They are all going to be a struggle. We are going to have to fight for every single point." 

"We still have a lot of potential that hasn't been tapped yet," Mascotti said. "They are still learning a lot of the skills that were trying to teach them so as the season goes on, we are seeing them achieve those goals, and we have more goals for them yet to achieve." 

Goals that could be met in this year's state tournament, even though the journey will be tough. 

"This team is definitely good enough to go far," Mascotti said. "There are some really good teams in division three though that they are standing in our way obviously. If we can pull it together, we can challenge them any day of the week. It's just getting everybody to click at the same time. That's the key."

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