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Bogus posts stemming from Las Vegas massacre spreading like wildfire on social media

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Consider the source and take claims that show a political tinge with a grain of salt.

Phony information spread quickly across social media platforms following Sunday night's shooting rampage at a country music concert in Las Vegas.

The "false facts" and inaccurate images made their way to Facebook, Twitter, 4chan, Reddit and other distribution sites -- so many, and so quickly, they were difficult to track.

Some of the most pervasive originated with or were picked up early on by bloggers and online pundits with a large following. From there, they were shared across the social media spectrum.

The "Gateway Pundit" site was among those receiving criticism for a post that linked the Las Vegas shooter with several liberal organizations, calling him an associate of the "Anti-Trump Army." The site later removed that article without comment.

At least one dubious claim from 4chan was given major exposure when it surfaced as a top story on Google on Monday, but the claim that the shooter was not, in fact, Stephen Paddock, but another man, continues to circulate.

The falsehoods aren't only about the shooter, his associations and motivations, however. Several "faux victims" have been created, muddying the waters at a time when families and friends are desperately seeking reliable information on who was injured and killed.

The website Politifact is among those working to keep up with the spread of false information.

Federal and local authorities on Monday said they had yet to identify a motive for Paddock's shooting spree.

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