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Childhood obesity in Wisconsin is on the rise

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Thirty percent of Wisconsin kids are overweight and that is according to a national report. The survey of children's health used height and weight measurements to calculate body mass index.

The report shows that kids in Wisconsin are catching up to adult levels of obesity. Thirty percent of kids from ten to seventeen years old are overweight or obese. This is compared to thirty-one percent of adults. Obesity can cause kids to develop other health problems very early on. Charles Peters, a Consultant in Pediatrics for Mayo Clinic says that the health risks are serious. Peters adds, "They include having a higher likelihood of becoming hypertensive. Having problems with cholesterol or triglyceride elevation. Issues with respect to developing diabetes, or having increased problems or complications on your weight bearing joints."

Dr. Peters advised keeping children's screen time to a maximum of two hours a day and making sure they exercise at least an hour a day.

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