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Onalaska School District sees near record high enrollment

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The Onalaska School District is boasting near record enrollment numbers this school year.

The district has a total of 3,178 students this year, a steep increase from 3,023 in 2012.

"Ever since I've been here, we've seen growing student enrollment numbers every year," Fran Finco, superintendent of the Onalaska School District, said. 

While numbers have increased, Finco says it's most noticeable when examining the district's open enrollment numbers.

"Six years ago we were at 266 students coming in via open enrollment and this year we're at 446," Finco said. "The net on that is 274 kids."

Finco says he suspects it's in part because the community of Onalaska is growing and quality of life is good. He adds the quality of teachers and administrators is also attractive to parents.

"Where we're seeing the largest number of students open enroll is our 4K," Finco said. "We have a series of well organized and well developed community childcare centers where daycare is available and busing is too. It's a real advantage for parents to get their kids to and from daycare or school. It's convenient."

The district receives around $7,000 per student that participates in open enrollment. As a result, Finco says about six percent of the district's yearly budget comes from that money.

Overwhelmingly, the students who open enroll into the Onalaska School District come from the Holmen School District and the La Crosse School District.

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