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Police offer Halloween safety tips

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The La Crosse Police Department is asking people to keep safety in mind on October 31 when plenty of trick-or-treaters will be out on the streets.

They're recommending the hours of 4-8 p.m. for people to be out and about. 

Here are their tips for a safe Halloween:


•Be on the lookout for “Meet ‘n Treaters” on sidewalks, in medians, at crossings, and in the streets

•Drive slower than usual to provide extra time to react

•Use caution when turning corners, entering or exiting driveways and alleys

•Turn on headlights to be more visible – even while it’s still daylight

Parents and Guardians

•Make sure young children are accompanied by a parent or another responsible person throughout the evening

•Create and discuss a plan for the areas that your “Meet ‘n Treaters” will visit, don’t stray

•Stay within neighborhoods and visit homes you know; only approaching those with outdoor lights turned on

•Ensure costumes are weather-appropriate, short enough to prevent tripping and that masks don’t obstruct vision

“Meet ‘n Treaters”

•Wear light-colored clothing or use reflective tape on the sides, front, and back of the costume

•If heading out in big groups employ the “buddy system” – pair up and never let the other person roam away from the group

•Watch for traffic – even though you can see them, they may not see you

•Obey traffic rules, devices and signs, using sidewalks and crossings to travel through neighborhoods

•Carry a flashlight, but never flash it in the direction of a motorist

•Take all treats home to be examined before eating anything – throw away any item that isn’t wrapped or packaged by the original manufacture

•Stay away from pets as they may become startled and react to costumed people

-Courtesy La Crosse Police Department

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