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La Crosse musician says animal abuse story inspired him to make holiday CD

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David Reedy says music changed his life.

"We had an old piano in the basement and I always say I discovered a new best friend and I spent hours and hours at the piano as a kid and something was just in me.  I identified with it," said David. 

He started Reed Music Studios, the largest organized music studio in the La Crosse area.  He and his staff teach voice, flute, guitar and string.  David teaches piano. Music might be his first love but Rocky, his twelve year old Miniature Schnauzer is his world.

"Rocky is a barker at heart but one of the sweetest dogs and a total lap dog.  Any time I'm with he's got to be touching me in some way shape or form.  The day that I got my dog is the day I became a better person," said David.

During a session with one of his students in January, David recalls hearing about an animal abuse and hoarding case.  

That's why when he heard the story about Linda and Carol West, he was moved to do something. Neighbors reported the mother-daughter duo for 20 years but couldn't find proof to arrest them. The animals that were found alive had been locked in cages and living without food or water.

"When they're abused they can't tell you 'It hurts and I don't deserve this' that's what gets me to my core," said David.

He's made two music CD's benefiting charities but knew after hearing this story he had to make another.  On November 10 "The Season" CD comes debuts.  It features eleven holiday classics. For every CD sold David will donate five dollars to the Coulee Region Humane Society.  

Samantha Luhmann says when the Coulee Region Humane Society handles massive cases of animal abuse it's a drain on resources.

"We have a lot of emergency medical needs this year too.  Money is being used largely for things like amputations, dental extractions and other types of surgeries like that that are really unexpected. We've also had a lot of cats this year," said Samantha.

"They can't help themselves. We can help ourselves. We can help people who help them," said David.

David wants to give the Coulee Region Humane Society a $5,000 check for Christmas from the sale of 1,000 CD's.

The album, "The Season" is available Friday, November 10 at Festival Foods, Monet Floral, Thompson Animal Medical and the Coulee Region Humane Society for $15.  

LISTEN: Sample the songs on David's CD 

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