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La Crosse Police note increase in gun calls

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The La Crosse Police Department is concerned over an increase in the number of gun calls in the city.

The department released information following a weekend incident involving a stolen gun, attempted armed robbery, and a shooting all involving the same person.

"These calls can include anything where somebody sees someone brandish a weapon, or whether somebody sees someone carrying a gun in a bar," Captain Jason Melby of the La Crosse Police Department, said. "Nonetheless, this is pretty alarming to have this increase."

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Their statistics showed that there was a 157 percent increase in gun calls in the city between 2010 and 2017 between the dates of January 1 through November 13. 

The department says its actively working to keep its officers as safe as possible while patrolling the streets.

"We do have a dog on duty that is trained in detecting and locating firearms and explosives," he said. "So the agency is doing what we can to make sure our officers are trained up and they have the tools they need to deal with these types of situations on the streets."

The information from police said the blue line represents the number of calls while the red line corresponds to calls where a report was filed, which said indicated there was validity to the initial complaint.

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