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Warm record for the slopes at Devil's Head Resort

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MERRIMAC (WKOW) -- It's that time of year again, or is it? 

"Feels like I should be on a beach instead of a ski hill," said skier Alex Stoick.

This is like spring skiing in April," said Joe Vittengl. He's been running Devil's Head Resort for 30 years. 

Opening day on the resort's slopes in the 60s, means the snow is man-made. 

We started about a week ago when the temperatures went down into the low teens. We've only made snow for two nights," said Vittengl. 

The magic number for the slope's snow guns to work at this resort is 27 degrees, but with daytime temperatures far above that for the next several days, the current snow base will have to work. 

I'm really sweaty and hot," said one 12-year-old skier. 

"It's kind of like doing the snow dance, ya know? I figure if I wear my coat and all my gear the cold weather will come," said Stoick. 

I was even wondering if they were going to reschedule it because of the temperature. I thought it might be too hot," said skier Noah Bullock.

But Mother Nature isn't slowing them down. One snowboarder could be seen soaking it in, not wearing a shirt, while enjoying the sloped in shorts.

It's still a slow opening day and after last winter's struggles, staff at Devil's Head knows Mother Nature's cooperation is important.

"Our ski operation brings in about 70-percent of our total revenue," said Vittengl. 

Still, these skiers were catching the lift and shredding back down as they continue to wait for a shift in the weather.

"Bring the cold and snow to us! Just do us a favor, just once," said Vittengl. 

Cascade Mountain in Portage will open Saturday for the first time this season.

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