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UPDATE: Black River Falls standoff ends with arrest of suspect

Black River Falls, WI (WXOW) - -

UPDATE: The man who held off authorities in Black River Falls Monday afternoon has surrendered. 

Around 6:25 p.m., the man, whose identity hasn't been released, came out of an apartment and was taken into custody by authorities. He was transported to the Jackson County Jail a few blocks away from the scene. 

No one was injured during the standoff. 

Earlier this afternoon,about 2:45 p.m., according to Jackson County Sheriff Duane Waldera, the incident began with a phone call to the sheriff's office from a victim of a domestic abuse incident. The caller gave information on the suspect and said he was on his way to Black River Falls. The caller also said the man did have a weapon with him. 

Deputies tried to stop the man as he arrived in Black River Falls, but the man was able to get into a friend's apartment in the 100 block of S. 3rd Street.

Authorities then spent the next several hours trying to talk the man out of the apartment. 

"We actually did some evacuations initially to the close by residents to make sure they were out of harms way," Sheriff Duane Waldera said. "We did have to do an extrication evacuation of a residence that was right next to the residence in question so that was all done successfully with no issues."

La Crosse County's Bearcat armored vehicle was brought in to assist with the incident. It was used in part to help with evacuations of 10-15 people from surrounding homes on S. 3rd and S. 4th Streets. Black River Falls Police and members of the Wisconsin State Patrol also assisted during the standoff. 

"We also like having the Bearcat there not only for the protection of law enforcement, but for the suspect too if they chose to leave the residence," Waldera said. "It's nice to be able to pool resources and have that kind of equipment in these situations."

While negotiations took place, authorities cut power to the area surrounding the apartment building. Several streets around the the location of the apartment were also closed by authorities. Waldera said after the suspect spoke with someone on the phone he knew, he decided to come out of the residence. Had he remained barricaded he said the department had local utility companies on hand to turn off the power.

Sheriff Waldera said there is no further threat to the public.

In a statement following the arrest of the suspect, Sheriff Waldera said he wanted to thank the citizens for cooperating during the incident. "We understand that it was a long time to ask people to stay away from the area. We were able to ensure citizens' safety by them cooperating while we worked to resolve the situation."

We'll have additional information tonight on the 10 p.m. Report on WXOW.

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