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Josiah Schroeder embodies what it means to be a Caledonia "Warrior"

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After the Caledonia football team won the State Championship for the third year in a row, they dedicated the game to a young kid they believe is the true Warrior. 

Josiah Schroeder is a first grader who was diagnosed with Leukemia in September of this year. He is two months into a journey that expected to be 3 1/2 years of recovery. 

On November 24th, Josiah started his second round of chemotherapy. Also on this day, the Caledonia football team won their third consecutive State Championship. There was no question who was most deserving of the game ball.

The Warriors team took the bus to Saint Mary's hospital where they presented Josiah with the game ball. 

" We just took fifteen minutes out of our day which I think was a good closing on our season for the kids to really realize it's more than about football," Assistant Coach and Family Friend Brent Schroeder said.

" We as a coaching staff view him as the toughest Warrior, and that he is tougher than anybody that we know," Head Coach Carl Fruechte said. " I just whispered him a couple of words about keep fighting, keep fighting, just keep fighting because as coaches we always talk about fighting and never giving up, and we want the same message going to him."

" Giving me goose bumps even right now," Josiah's Mom Jana Schroeder said. " I was kind of crying a little bit to see that they are taking time out of their day to make his day really really special." 

Josiah has already earned his roster spot on the team.

" He's got the intangibles to naturally do it and to never give up," Coach Fruechte said. " Those are the qualities you are looking for. It is not always about how you can throw or catch or run. It's what is in your heart, and he obviously passes that test." 

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