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La Crosse Center Board contracts economic analysis study

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

The La Crosse Center Board has narrowed down its options for the La Crosse Center expansion project to three designs.

 All come at a different cost ranging from $45-million to $55-million.  To better help the board decide on which design to bring to the common council, the board has conducted an economic analysis study.

The study explores which option has better economic benefits to the city.  Consultants looked at how each option impacts job creation and economic impact.  Council member, Jessica Olson says the board has to find a balance between spending too much on the expansion and not spending enough.

"What we as a board have to gauge is what is appropriate for the 30, 35, 40 year term that we can expect the center to last our economy until the next round of major renovation occurs because if we are short cited and we don't invest enough, we'll run out of space in 20 years and we won't be able to expand, we'll be bottle-necked," says Olson, City Council Member for District 8 in La Crosse.

The La Crosse Center Board hopes to meet again this month to review this economic study to decide which option to bring to the common council for final approval.

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