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Trempealeau Co. DA 'declines' to resign post

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Trempealeau Co. District Attorney Taavi McMahon. Trempealeau Co. photo. Trempealeau Co. District Attorney Taavi McMahon. Trempealeau Co. photo.
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The feud between the Trempealeau County Board and the District Attorney continued Tuesday after the county board chair called for Taavi McMahon's resignation.

In a release Tuesday morning, McMahon 'declines' County Board Chair Dick Miller's request for McMahon's resignation.

A letter from Miller to McMahon dated December 5 asked the district attorney to step down. You can read the letter in its entirety below.

The letter says, in part, that the board has "lost confidence in your abilities to adequately perform the duties of District Attorney in our County." 

The county board have clashed with McMahon over his handling of his office staff in September for the funeral of Jackson Co. District Attorney Gerald Fox. In a letter to Governor Scott Walker in October, it said McMahon ordered his staff, who are county employees, to attend the funeral. He suspended an employee who refused to attend. That person has not returned to the office since that time. 

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In his release, McMahon said, "Mr. Miller has no authority to ask for my resignation, the people of Trempealeau County elected me to represent them in all criminal proceedings and that is exactly what I will continue to do with the assistance of my dedicated staff." He went on, "There is simply no basis or authority for Mr. Miller's request."

He was also critical in the release regarding the suspended employee. "It is troubling that the County has decided to pay an employee to do nothing for the past three months while our office remains understaffed. This is a waste of taxpayer money and the County is abrogating it's responsibility to the hard working people of Trempealeau County. He added, "This employee has not called or shown up for more than three months and yet the County doesn't acknowledge that this behavior constitutes abandonment of employment." 

McMahon plans to hold a noon news conference Wednesday in the Trempealeau County Board Room in Whitehall to give more information on the matter. 

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