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Dry options for New Years

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

While some people may choose to drink Sunday night, there are options for those who want to socialize but stay away from the alcohol.

Coulee Council on Addictions has "dry new years" options at the Riteway Club on 1500 Avon Street and will be holding a New Years Eve Gala starting 6:00pm at the Harry J. Olson Center at 1607 North Street in La Crosse. Another suggestion is to hold one's own alcohol-free celebration at home.

Those in the recovery community also want to remind folks to be mindful when hosting your own parties and consider offering non-alcoholic options.

"I think that a lot of people want their friends to have fun, so they think that's connected to the alcohol," said Therese Roellich, Recovery Activities Coordinator at Coulee Council. "So someone will say, 'Come on! Have a drink, have a drink!' It'd be really nice if they didn't pressure people to have a drink, sometimes it's hard to say no. It's really nice if you have a support system at the party you're at that's saying, 'You don't have to drink.'"

Relapses tend to occur more frequently between Halloween and New Years. For those struggling, there are resources available through the Coulee Council on Addictions and Great Rivers 2-1-1.

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