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Holidays see lower numbers on the slopes than usual

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

It was a little bit emptier on the hills during a time when Mount La Crosse is normally packed.

"This year, the week between Christmas and New Years was not nearly what we hoped it would be, it was just simply too cold," said Mt La Crosse GM Darcie Breidel.

Fewer skiers and snowboarders have been coming out, avoiding the extreme cold. However, it's not all bad news.

"The positive is that we've been able to make a lot of snow this week," Breidel said.

In years past, making snow has difficult due to warmer weather and even had to close because of rain. This year Mt. La Crosse staff said the cold temps are actually making for great conditions on the trails.

"Definitely would like some little bit warmer temperatures so that the public can come out and enjoy the conditions," Breidel said.

The cold isn't enough to keep the die-hard fans away. For three area teenagers, Monday was spent enjoying their break outside before it's time to go back to school.

"I'd rather be outside even if it's cold," said snowboarder Gary Winthrope.

They know when to take a break but as soon as they're ready again, it's back out there.

"If I do get cold I go inside for a few minutes to warm up and then I'm out there again," said snowboarder Danny Duncon.

"When my face starts getting chapped I throw on some vaseline, and I go [back out]," said skier Casey Groth.

Mount La Crosse said several new trails are currently being worked on. They expect them to be ready to go in the coming week.

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