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Monroe County approves plan to relocate Rolling Hills Rehabilitation Center to Tomah

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Tomah, WI (WXOW) -

The residents of Rolling Hills Rehabilitation Center in Sparta may have new addresses soon.

Monroe County plans to move residents of the Rolling Hills Rehabilitation and Retirement Center to a new facility on Tomah's south side Wellness Campus,  "It will be along with the Tomah Memorial hospital and Gundersen Lutheran Cancer Treatment Center." describes Monroe County Administrator Jim Bialecki.

Built in 1964, the current Rolling Hills facility requires updates to continue adequately serving the Monroe County community.

On January 25 the Monroe County Rolling Hills Committee decided to relocate the Rolling Hills Rehabilitation Center closer to the various healthcare options on Tomah's south side.

Since the facility's inception over five decades ago, adaptations to the American medical system have affected senior health care.

"Last couple of decades have shifted over to more Q-care patients, more demanding care," describes Tomah Memorial Hospital CEO Philip Stuart, "So, therefore, the layout of that facility, again structural problems, it's no longer efficient to use in that regards."

Monroe County officials say that the relocation to Tomah will result in more healthcare options for seniors, without having to travel far. "Other types of therapy are provided at that facility, physical therapy, speech, occupational therapy too," Bialecki continues, "What we might not have, the hospital probably will have."

The cost of the current proposal is estimated at $16 million, and Bialecki says a construction firm already is already lined up, "We do have a firm on-board that has built 27 of those types of facilities so it's very clear they know what they're doing."

In the end, the decision hopes to provide the people of Monroe County with the services they need.

Stuart describes, "As we look to the future the needs for long-term care and senior services is just going to continue to grow, so by having a Rolling Hills type facility on our campus really goes to meet the needs of people on this side of Monroe County."

The new facility will be owned by Monroe County, a decision that Bialecki says was of high priority to residents.

The transition will also reduce the number of nursing home beds in Rolling Hills from 80 to 50, in an effort to create more of a nursing home environment.

The county hopes to have plans for the new facility complete within the next 60 days, with construction beginning later this year.

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