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Super comfort foods for Super Sunday

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With the groundhog predicting six more weeks of winter and no regional teams in the big game this weekend, folks in the Midwest can at least take some comfort in a dish of gooey baked mac and cheese.

Courtesy of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board:

Macaroni and cheese is the number one cheese recipe in the United States. For decades, macaroni and cheese has made the top ten comfort foods list and is a top ten favorite choice for kids. The most popular cheese used in macaroni and cheese is cheddar, but behind cheddar, the most popular recipes include alpine-style, gouda, havarti, and parmesan.

Ultimate Creamy Baked Wisconsin Macaroni and Cheese
This is the mouthwatering mac and cheese you've been craving! Five noteworthy kinds of cheese crafted by Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers make the rich cheese sauce so satisfying. Whether you bake it in one casserole or divide between two dishes, it's easy to share with those you love.
Master Cheesermaker Sid Cook's Carr Valley fontina is a soft white cheese that easily melts with the noodles, making it a winner to use in this creamy mac and cheese recipe. The other four cheeses come from Nasonville Dairy, located in Central Wisconsin. Nasonville Dairy has three Master Cheesemakers and has been creating delicious cheese since 1885.
Cheddar cheese sharpens with time, so depending on your taste buds, you can choose between a mild, medium or sharp cheddar to enhance the ultimate richness of your sauce.
Muenster is a semi-soft cheese, smooth in texture and easily identifiable by its orange rind. Its ability to melt well helps create a mouthwatering sauce that will have your guests asking for seconds.
In Wisconsin, cheesemakers age asiago to develop sharper flavors, similar to a blend of aged cheddar and parmesan flavors. This aging also changes the texture of the cheese from elastic and firm to hard and granular.
Traditionally, the color of the wax on asiago indicates flavor: clear or white suggests mild, brown suggests medium and black suggests aged.

Buffalo Macaroni and Cheese Bites
Buffalo Mac and Cheese Bites have all the flavor of your favorite wings without the mess. Serve as an appetizer for your next party or add a salad on the side for a delicious and easy dinner.
The triple trio of sharp cheddar, smooth mozzarella and rich blue cheese gives these bites a tangy flavor. Crystal Farms Wisconsin cheddar has aged a minimum of 60 days for maximum flavor, making it well worth the wait. The mild, delicate, and milky flavor of Crystal Farms low-moisture, part-skim mozzarella combined with their sharp cheddar in this recipe helps create a delicious cheesy sauce any pasta would be proud to wear. Salemville® Amish Blue is a blue-veined cheese made from hand-milked cow milk and popular for its quality and flavor. It is a semi-hard textured cheese that has a rich and earthy flavor. Many of the farms that supply the Salemville® cheese plant are Amish, and they still deliver their quality fresh milk daily in milk cans.
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