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Governor Walker in La Crosse to talk unemployment levels and healthcare reform

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Governor Walker came to La Crosse's workforce development center, alongside former Governor Tommy Thompson, on a tour of Wisconsin's job centers on February 2.

The tour focuses on issues related to Wisconsin's unemployment numbers and Walker's proposed welfare reform plan.

The plan, "Wisconsin Works for Everyone," aims to expand programs that incentivize work, all in an effort to help Wisconsin citizens enter the workforce.

"These are all things about making it easier for people to transition into the workforce so that everyone in the state can not only find a job, if they want a job, but find really a career," describes Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R), "A career that will support themselves and their families going forward."

Opponents say the welfare reform proposal is an attempt to appeal to Republican voters during his re-election campaign.

Walker also responded to the possibility of raising Wisconsin's gasoline tax in order to raise money to allow the state to qualify for federal funds to repair roads and bridges.

Walker elaborates, "I just talked to a lot of working families across the state who wanted to make sure that's (gas tax increase) not going to increase their overall tax burden. So I will never increase the gas tax unless we can reduce, or at least have an equal amount of tax reduction somewhere as a part of the budget process."

Governor Walker said that he is open to alternative solutions that would result in the ability to invest more into Wisconsin roads.

Walker's welfare reform proposals will come up for a vote next week in the state legislature.

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