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UWL Career Services helps students transition out of college

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The University of Wisconsin La Crosse (UWL) campus officials are working to make the transition from college into the workforce easier for students.

During college students spend time learning about themselves and various career possibilities, but once student's graduate they no longer receive the same support from their university.

That is why UWL career services works to provide resources such as career forums to help students transition into the workforce.

UWL senior, Angellica Stanley describes how she utilizes resources at UWL to help her transition out of college, "I work alongside my professors that have helped me get an idea of what's going to go on after I graduate, and working with career services here at UWL is really great. "

UWL's Career Services office is open for students to work on professional development, while also providing additional events for students to develop professional connections.

UWL senior, Aidan Murphy elaborates on how those additional events assist him in reaching his professional goals, "You have someone you can talk to, you got a lot of business cards when you come out of here and can potentially give them a call," Murphy continues, "Whether it's summer or going forward for a whole career, you've got some things lined up and ready."

On February 15 UWL will host a summer and part-time job fair for current students looking for jobs.

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