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Breakfast fundraiser benefits victims of January Holmen fire

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Holmen, WI (WXOW) -

People in Holmen continue to serve up support for victims of a devastating fire.

On the morning of January 12, Holmen firefighters respond to a car fire on 615 McHugh road, the same car fire that went on to take the homes of 12 Holmen residents.

"It was a tough fire it was," says Holmen Fire Chief, Paul Menches, "We had tough weather conditions, the fire got loose quickly on us, and we did the best we could with the forces that we had."

Chief Menches says they are in the business of worst days ever, and when people in the Holmen community have their worst day ever others do what they can to turn it around.

Menches elaborates, "These people lost everything, and then the community just rallied quickly to help take care of some of their need."

On the morning of February 4, the Holmen Knights of Columbus rallied and held a breakfast fundraiser with proceeds benefiting those displaced by the January fire.

David Hawes, coordinator of the Knights of Columbus Breakfast Fundraiser explains some of the motivation behind the event, "It's one of our founding principals as the Knights of Columbus: charity, fraternity, and unity and we are there to help out anybody in the community that needs assistance."

Events like the breakfast fundraiser help the Knights of Columbus to provide valuable services to community members in need when they need it most.

Hawes continues, "We were able to give them (fire victims) $300 dollars each right away within 48 hours of being able to get their names to our state funds."

Proceeds from the breakfast will be distributed evenly among victims of the fire.

Despite the devastating events caused by the January fire, light does shine through the smoke and ruin.

"We even had a new group, Holmen cares, be created because of this event to be able to further help people that go through something like this as well."

The Holmen fire also provides motivation for fire education in the area, education that will hopefully eliminate future catastrophes.

"What we want to do is a better job with hazard prevention and public education which we are working on to help folks out."

In the end, the Holmen community does their best to find new life in the rubble.

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