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La Crosse man strikes it rich in Wisconsin lottery

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A local La Crosse man is kicking off the new year with a big win from the Wisconsin lottery. Ron Fitzpatrick struck gold by winning more than a quarter of a million dollars through the lottery.

Ron pressed his luck playing the lottery game 'SuperCash' where the top prize is $350,000. On January 30th, Fitzpatrick matched the numbers one, three, eight, seventeen, twenty-four, and twenty-seven to win that top prize. The winning lottery tickets was purchased at the Kwik Trip on 921 Losey Boulevard south in La Crosse. Ron has always played those six numbers at that same Kwik Trip for more than a year.

Ron Fitzpatrick, an attorney by trade, says "I do play the 'SuperCash' on a regular basis and the winning numbers just happened to be the birthdays of myself, my three brothers, and my oldest son." With a last name like Fitzpatrick, Ron must have used his luck of the Irish to come out on top. The Wisconsin lottery website puts the odds of winning that $350,000 at 1 in 1.6 million. Ron chose the lump sum, meaning he will receive a total of about $230,000 after taxes.

What about the fun part of winning; spending the money! Ron says he has several thoughts about what to do with money, including helping his son pay for graduate school. Ron adds, "That certainly is going to help him pay for this graduate school. We're not a wealthy family, so we have lots of debts. I can pay off my credit cards, pay off the car payments, and have a little bit leftover." Ron says his wife has always wanted to vacation in San Francisco and that will probably be the first trip they take.

Not only did Ron make out great, so did that Kwik Trip on Losey Boulevard south. Retailers who sell winning tickets over $599 receive an incentive of two percent of the winning ticket amount up to $100,000.

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