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North Woods International School takes part in Global School Play Day

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Students at North Woods International School took part in Global School Play Day Wednesday morning. 

Students from across the world have recognized and participated in this event in February.
The goal of the day is to get students interacting with one another and get outside and get active during the Winter. Science has proven that it helps young people develop skills such as empathy, social interaction, problem-solving, and more just through interactive play. Students at the event participated in Olympic like events such as curling and sledding and they say that it was a lot of fun. "I like it because we don't have to do school all the time inside and its good to get fresh air," said Kendall, a 4th grader at North Woods. Jacob, a 5th grader, said, "It was fun because normally our recesses are really short and this was like the whole morning long so it was better than normal."

Physical education teacher Josh Hein says that it is important to get outside during the winter, "When we go outside and play we use our energy in a positive way and just the fresh air is really good for everybody especially with cold and flu season going around to come outside and play is crucial for out health so when we go back inside and warm up everyone feels good" said Hein. 

The idea of Global School Play Day came from what is known as a "Ted Talk" that discussed the benefits of unwinding and letting yourself have fun.


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