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Planters Nutmobile is visiting La Crosse

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Planters, the company famously known for its' peanuts is bringing their Nutmobile through the La Crosse area over the next several days. The first stop was today at Festival Foods on Copeland Avenue in La Crosse.

You certainly can't miss it. The man with the monocle, Mr. Peanut is in town for the next several days and he arrived on his very own Nutmobile. Liam Sullivan, a Peanutter by nickname, and brand specialist for Planters by trade says, "It's been a shell of a time. It's been awesome. I've been to seventeen states so far and it's a new city every week, so getting a chance to travel and make memories, and make people smile."

You'll have plenty of nut-pportunity to take some shell-fies with the 102 year old peanut legend himself. That is not the only activity to enjoy while visiting the Nutmobile. Liam adds, "A lot of what we do is we end up at retail events talking to a lot of Planters fans. We have games for the kids to play, stickers, little giveaways, along with everyone's favorite peanuts and coupons as well."

They also offer tours of the Nutmobile. The vehicle, literally, in a nut shell, is fully equipped for long road trips. Liam describes the inside of the unique ride, "We have the peanut dashboard that we look out at while we're on our east to west nutcrackin' fest. We have a timeline of Mr. Peanut throughout his commercialized life from 1919 up until the 2010, which is the most recent version. We also have the blue and yellow seats for all our nutty friends who get a ride in the Nutmobile."

The year long trek takes the Peanutters across several states and the only downside to it all is having it come to an end. Iara Aldape, another Planters Peanutter (brand specialist), says the part she'll dislike the most " going to be in June when we have to give our keys to the next class. It's just been a great time, and we're going to remember this forever. It's always quite a fun fact to say 'I drove the Nutmobile and hung out with Mr. Peanut for a whole year."

The nutty adventure will come to an end on the east coast in June. Make sure to check this off your bucket list while you have the chance! The crew has tomorrow off, which they say is the first day off in nearly two weeks. They enjoy those hours of downtime by exploring each city they visit. The list of scheduled events over the next couple of days are listed below...

February 7th: La Crosse; Festival Foods; 30 Copeland Ave.

February 9th: Holmen; Festival Foods; 123 Hale Drive

February 10th: Onalaska; Festival Foods; 1260 Crossing Meadows Drive

February 11th: La Crosse; Festival Foods; 2500 State Road

All events run from 1pm to 5pm...

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