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WisCorps Critter Mobile Teaches Area Students about Conservation

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Part of YMCA's activities focus around education.  The Wiscorps Critter Mobile is a traveling education program that teaches kids about the native wildlife in the prairies, marsh and bluffs and about the importance of preserving our precious resources.  

When Foxy makes her rounds kids pay attention.

Paul Blazevich brings the popular box turtle in Wicorps Critter Mobile, a traveling environmental educational program.

Blazevich says the main purpose is to teach kids a lesson in a way that will be hard to forget.

"I think it's a really tangible thing that students can see and feel and learn about.  That makes them realize oh if I'm not worried about the conservation about this eco system or this forest we won't have this snake or this type of animal anymore to enjoy," said Blazevich.

The kids get to meet a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, an animal not native to the area but fun nonetheless for children.

"Some of the participants can be scared or a little nervous about it but then after the first few brave participants are usually the people who are scared will give it a try," said Blazevich.

Regardless of how they kids received each animal they did receive WisCorps message about conservation. That's why Nate Torres, the YMCA School Age Administrator says they've invited the Critter Mobile to come back again.

"They love creatures. They love learning and anytime you can introduce kids to the sciences in a real setting it just gets them so engaged.  You can see from their reaction when he brought out the animals that they were just tickled to death," said Torres.

WisCorps partners with other organizations offering dozens of programs teaching conservation and igniting a passion for nature in young people.
For more information go to www.WisCorps.org

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