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Snowfall levels affect La Crosse residents

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Winter in Wisconsin can be unpredictable, and when people spend a lot of time in the snow that unpredictability can affect some more than others.

Wisconsin is called the frozen tundra and at times the state can live up to its name, but at other times Wisconsin can be left wishing for a bit more of a winter wonderland.

For some people snow levels only affects their commute to work, but for others, it can affect their entire lives.

Whether it's a hobby that revolves around snow or a job, Wisconsin citizens are used to having snow during the winter months.

When you come to expect snow in daily life a lack of it can complicate the winter season, and with less snow than average, this year La Crosse residents have to do what they can with the snow they have.

"Unique this season is that we actually made snow a little later in the season than we generally do," says Mt. La Crosse General Manager Darcie Breidel.

Breidel continues, "While we had a lot of snow on this hill we just can't count on mother nature to stay cold so we added some more to our base, we did that a couple weeks ago and we don't typically do that."

Along with making their own snow, Mt. La Crosse officials also combat the lack of snow with special events and races.

There are still a few more weeks of winter left, with spring officially starting on March 20.

One thing that will not be affected by levels of snowfall is opposite side parking in La Crosse, which will run until March 15..

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