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The Coulee Sno-Drifters snowmobile for juvenile diabetes today

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Onalaska, WI (WXOW) -

The Coulee Sno-Drifters snowmobile club raises money by doing their favorite winter activity today; riding snowmobiles.

The Sno-Drifters collaborate with 2Brothers Powersports and Children's Miracle Network (CMN) for the 5th annual Ride For Juvenile Diabetes.

Sno-Drifters collect pledges in an effort to raise funds for CMN hospitals, funds that will go towards making a difference in the fight against diabetes.

Ashley Zibrowski is the Hospital Program Specialist for CMN and elaborates on how the money will be used, "We help a lot of kids in different ways with diabetes whether it's providing medical equipment, medical supplies."

Zibrowski describes that the funds go towards more than just hospital care, "We send a lot of kids to specialty camps where they are learning about diabetes in a super kid-friendly environment."

The work of the Sno-Drifters along with CMN and 2Brothers Powersports motivate CMN heros like Sophie Bisek to keep a smile on their face and look on the positive side, "I just believe that there is a cure out there," describes Sophie.

To get involved with the Sno-Drifters or next year's Ride For Juvenile Diabetes contact Gary Hanson at (608) 317-8946.

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