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La Crosse Boat, Sports, Travel, RV & Hunting Show finishes 41st year

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

The La Crosse Boat, Sports, Travel, RV & Hunting Show wraps up their 41st year in La Crosse on February 11.

The show features activities and products for outdoor hobbies ranging from camping to hunting and fishing.

With the winter season coming to an end, the show also provides people with a chance to prepare for warmer weather, with booths to help people make sure their equipment from last season can still keep them safe.

"The most important thing about a life jacket is to have one that fits right, if it doesn't fit right it's not going to save your life if you end up in a tragic situation," describes Public Affair Officer for the La Crosse Coast Guard Auxiliary, Jerome Gundersen.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary runs a life-jacket exchange program that works to help keep people safe on Wisconsin waters this summer.

"What we want to do is bring in a lightly used, wrong fitting jackets and we will exchange it for another jacket that fits properly that someone else brought in," Gundersen continues, "Bring your jacket, and swap it for one that fits your child."

The La Crosse Coast Guard Auxiliary will be swapping life-jackets next on May 19 at the Driftless Sports Convergence in the Onalaska Omni Center.

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