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Area businesses are ready for Valentine's Day

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La Crosse County, WI (WXOW) -

The hustle and bustle for Valentine's Day is in full swing and for those getting last second gifts, you may find it comparable to getting those last gifts before Christmas. Fortunately, local specialty stores have everything you need because they've done their homework.

Valentine's Day for a local staple in the La Crosse community, The Sweet Shop, comes with long lines and lots of orders from the minute they open. Marty Diersen, the manager of The Sweet Shop says, "Right at nine o'clock in the morning there's people waiting outside to come in. They're trying to beat the rush." The rush to prep all kinds of chocolate to satisfy, your sweethearts and maybe your own sweet tooth, begin weeks in advance. Marty mentions, "From Christmas until Valentine's Day there is only about seven weeks and it takes all of that to get the candy made."

The Sweet Shop being their preparations weeks in advance, while for others it's an all year prep. The La Crosse Floral Shop continues to create bouquets right up until Valentine's Day, but there's a new trend developing in the world of flowers. Linda Zoerb, the president of La Crosse Floral, discusses the new trend in Valentine's Day gifts by saying, "Succulents are really big. Kokedamas are really big. The Japanese moss balls; tillandsias are air plants and are really big. Plants are just experiencing a resurgence that we haven't seen since the 1970s."

Linda says she sees a wide array of clientele, but they are typically men looking to play the role of cupid. Linda, very observant, said, "I also see trucks pull in at lunch hours like a Century Link truck or an Xcel Energy truck with three guys across in the pick up. One is married, one says I'll have what he's having, and the other one says I don't want red because I've only been dating her a week."

Whether it's a week of love or many years of happy marriage, make sure you make your own preparations to charm the ones you love. The Sweet Shop has extended hours until 7 PM the next couple of days to accommodate those just getting off of work and looking to sneak in those last second sweets.

La Crosse Floral even offers a delivery service if you call ahead. This will ensure that those roses or maybe even succulents arrive on time for your special sweetheart. Linda and Marty both said that they often not only see men come in to grab sweets and bouquets for their wives, but they also frequently see Dads come in to buy special gifts for their daughters.

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