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An inspiring bowling league takes to the sport to help overcome a challenge

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Pla-Mor Lanes hosts may different bowling leagues during the week.

There is one though that is especially inspiring....with the bowlers missing something that many of us take for granted.


Every bowler has a routine. For Hank Zibrowski, "Take one step over so I am about the center of the lane, step back one step, take the ball back, and swing it down, and hope for the best." 

He's 75 now, but 15 years ago, his life changed. "I went blind when I was 60 from a Triple A aneurism, a loss of blood. My optic nerves dried up into total blindness. It was very scary. I didn't know what to do."

Things changed again a few years ago. "Some lady wanted to know what to do for excitement at our support group, what to do for fun, so we decided to try bowling." 

Hank joined a blind bowling league where he met others who face similar challenges. " You can't imagine.. see one day and the next day you can hardly see, but what are you going to do. When I bowl I can't tell if I am going right or left." 

What's it like to hear the pins go down? "It's great. Everybody is hollering or clapping and I know it's good." 

In an odd way, joining the league has allowed Hank to see what life has to offer. 

"When you are blind you can't be sitting at home all the time and feeling sorry for yourself. Come out and do something. Life ain't over just because you went blind."

A motto he lives by.

"Nothing is impossible when you are blind." 

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