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Safe winter driving reminders

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Winter is making a return to the Coulee Region with heavy, wet, blowing snow that is expected to continue overnight. Roadways will become snow covered and difficult to travel on at times.

The La Crosse County Sheriff's Department wants to remind you to take it easy on roadways as the snow continues to roll in. Gusty east winds of upwards of 40+ mph has also been creating difficult travel, especially for higher profile vehicles. Sgt. Mike Valencia of the La Crosse County Sheriff's Department says, "Winds do affect the performance of higher profile vehicles and we give the same tips. Slow down, take your time, focus on driving, don't have too many distractions. Distracted driving does create problems when the weather is bad."

The La Crosse Sheriff's Department says it's important to take your time and keep your distance when traveling on snow covered and icy roadways. Sgt. Valencia advises to "Take your time. Plan for delays. Give yourself a little bit of extra time to get to where you need to get to. In a majority of the crashes we see in winter driving if the driver would slow down, that would prevent a lot of the accidents we see."

If visibility is reduced because of inclement weather like blowing and drifting of snow, it is Wisconsin law to have your headlights on. This applies to all times of the day.

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