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FIRE DEPT: Remember to replace smoke detector batteries

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Daylight Saving Time returns this Sunday, when we set our clocks ahead one hour. Its a good time to check your home's fire safety.

The fire department recommends changing the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, check fire extinguishers to make sure they are filled and will work properly and to review and practice fire safety plans.

"Nobody ever anticipates or plans on having a house fire," said Lt. Steven Cash of La Crosse Fire Department. "It's that preventative measure that's relatively cheap in cost to replace those batteries and ensure that your smoke detectors are functioning the way they should be."

Concerning smoke alarms, the fire department also recommends cleaning the unit either with compressed air or a vacuum cleaner hose. Many times they can accumulate dust and dirt and then may not work properly.

In addition, Ready Wisconsin also suggests the following for Daylight Savings Time:

  • Smoke alarms save lives. According to the National Fire Protection Association, approximately three out of five fire deaths occur in homes with no smoke alarms or homes without working smoke alarms. The NFPA recommends having a smoke alarm inside each bedroom and install alarms on every level of the home including the basement. Make sure to test the alarms monthly. Replace all smoke alarms every 10 years. 
  • Make sure you have working carbon monoxide detectors. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, about 500 people each year in Wisconsin are taken to hospital emergency rooms for symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. At high levels, carbon monoxide can cause death within minutes. Detectors can be purchased at most hardware stores. 
  • Emergency Kits- Daylight Saving Time is a perfect time to put together an emergency kit or restock an existing kit. Check to make sure food and other items are not near or past their expiration dates. You should have supplies such as food and water to last you and your family for at least three days. Other items like a battery powered or crank radio, flashlights and batteries, first aid kit should also be included. 
  • Emergency NOAA Weather Radio- Spring brings the threat of tornadoes and severe weather. Make sure you have an emergency weather radio. It’s like having a tornado siren in your home. When it goes off, go to a safe place. Listen, Act and Live! 
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