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Daybreak Does It: Archery

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It's a part of the hunting tradition in Wisconsin. In another installment of the Daybreak Does It series, check it out as Maddy, Dustin and Brittany take a shot at the sport of archery.

Before you even bend a bow, there are a few things you have to learn. Starting from square one you'll need to know which eye to use when staring down the target.

Once you've got your dominance down, next is the stance and working your way up by going through the motions.

There's going to be a few mishaps, but with a teacher like Zac Griffin at La Crosse Archery, it's easy to keep your eye on the target. "I enjoy mentoring people quite a bit. I love coaching classes," said Griffin, an archery coach at La Crosse Archery.

The avid outdoors man had a neighbor mentor him in the sport and now he gets to help others find the same passion. "People feel like they can't get into it unless they have a family member but that sometimes isn't always the case, it is a sport and sometimes people forget that."

It's a sport that takes practice to make perfect and you'll never know if you don't take a shot.

La Crosse Archery has indoor leagues running throughout the Fall right after hunting season through April. They also host birthday parties and lessons for beginners. To learn more visit

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