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La Crosse steel company concerned over tariffs

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

A La Crosse steel company says they are worried that President Trump's imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum will create uncertainty and raise prices.

Mid-City Steel President Paul Bagniefski told News 19 in a statement:

"...material prices have already gone up this year. The tariffs will only cause prices to continue to rise further. This is a big concern with our current backlog of work as well as how we bid future jobs. Another main concern is the ability to procure steel in a timely manner. The tariffs will end up limiting supply therefore making it more difficult to source in the time our customers normally demand. This uncertainty has us all concerned [...] The market has good momentum right now and this could interrupt that growth."

Canada and Mexico would be exempt from the tariffs. Speaker Paul Ryan says he hopes the president will continue to narrow the policy to focus only on countries that violate trade law.

Senator Ron Johnson calls the tariffs a "very risky action" that could spark a trade war. He expects the action to be challenged in court.

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