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Aquinas fans help motivate players to success

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Green Bay, WI (WXOW) -

At the WIAA state tournament players come ready to leave everything they have on the court and with a little motivation from the student section they help to fuel that fire.

"Especially here at state cause whenever they are down, and these games especially are tough. It just really brings their morale up and their attitudes kinda stay positive because they know someone is always cheering for them," describes Aquinas junior and Super-Fan Claire Dolan.

The spirit of the student section changes the atmosphere in the gym, with their support making an impact on the players. Aquinas junior Sydney Skemp says, "It means the world to them when people come out and support and it can make their game just a more enjoyable experience because someone is out there supporting you."

Dolan and Skemp are Super-Fans for the Aquinas Student Section, and games would be quite different without the work they do.

"(We) Try to get new themes for every game, try to keep it interesting," Dolan elaborates.

"Just making sure that you're super loud and getting that other student section hyped up to battle with us," Skemp finishes.

When the other student sections decide to battle back, the interchange can start a competition off the court.

"It becomes a competition in and of itself outside of the basketball game. I know that us, as a student body, we get really competitive when other student sections will start chanting at us and we just kind of want to one-up them and show them that we support our girls more." Skemp concludes.

A competition that helps student sections make every game a memorable experience.

The Aquinas win gives them a chance to compete for the Division 4 State Championship on Saturday, March 10 against Melrose-Mindoro.

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